No Cold Coffee, Only HOT!

Regular YD-ers know about my coffee addiction and how I love my cuppa joe by my side. According to my survey there are two kinda tea/coffee drinkers, ones who love their brew piping hot (or a particular temperature) and ones who prefer tepid. The Nano Heated Mug caters to the former faction; those who love hot beverages at the ideal drinkable temperature.

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Insulated mugs and those with wired warmers are quite cumbersome to be honest. They never manage to keep the drink at one consistent temperature for a long duration. This is where the Nano Heated Mug scores big time; it is a mug designed to work wirelessly and holds a beverage to the ideal drinkable temperature for 45 minutes. For example, if I pour in my piping hot coffee, the mug will bring the coffee to the ideal temp (145-155 degrees Fahrenheit) hold it at that steady temperature for 45 minutes at one go! I can take the mug to meetings, on the go … no worries at all!

Of course its not a one time wonder, otherwise that’s a lot of money to spend on a single hot drink! The one-time full charge lasts you for 7 to 8 refills. What this means is that if you drink two cups of coffee / tea a day, then the cup on a full charge will last you for about four days.

The big question is how does this work and what’s in it for you.

  • The Wireless Heated Mug uses the Patented Nano Heat green technology. In 2012 it won the top green Innovations award in Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence.
  • Nano heat technology means no more wires tying you to a heating source. You simply charge your nano mug with the included USB cord in your house, your car or even at your computer.
  • Once charged, disconnect and off you go with a perfectly heated beverage for up to 45 minutes. In a meeting, on a phone call, taking care of the kids, or running errands – your drink will remain at the perfect drinkable temperature throughout.

Details for the mug can be found here. My verdict – get yours NOW!

Designers: Design HMI and Green Lama [ Buy it Here ]