LFA who?

The only thing to complain about the Lexus F10 is that it’s merely not in production! Compact yet aggressive, low-profile yet unrestricted, its aesthetic is a perfect balance of super-sporty and refinement. With lots to like, you’d be hard-pressed to find something you don’t like about it. No word on specs yet, so sit back and enjoy the view!

Designer: Faisal Semari


  • NZ says:

    How boring. Here is yet another “evil insect” exotic sports car concept that refuses to even make the mold flinch, let along break it.

    Why would anybody want this car when there are a hundred others that look just like it? And what makes this design a Lexus?

    The designer should think harder about why people will shell out hundreds of thousands for a car like that. What are they after? It’s more than going fast, it’s more than luxury or comfort, and it’s more than standing out.

  • car review says:

    wow very good design

  • mif991 says:

    wow. Great review, Car Review.
    This was a nice practice for computer rendering. If you’re a teen, great!
    Try to get familiar with Lexus styling cues, do a few freehand renderings first, develop some specs and ergonomic sketches, then proceed to finish with computer rendering. You just need some guidance and there is no reason you can’t come up with great stuff.

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