Pop-A-Point Tools

Rewind to school days and do you recollect absentmindedly play with the Pop-A-Point rainbow pen? Who knew that such a simple idea of a functional mechanical pencil would inspire a bunch of designers to create an innovation that revolutionizes the tool industry! I’m talking about the Tool Pen by mininch; so cool and well designed! It’s a pint-sized all-tools-in-your-pocket and everyone loves this idea!

Makes Everything Beautiful

The smart and versatile Multi-Tool feels like holding a sleek pen and the unique Pop-A-Point design is functional and flexible. You can fit any sized tool to the head and keep everything handy and safe in one compact implement.

Enchanting Tools

We spoke to the team behind the Tool Pen and asked them their story; “mininch is funded by Issey Tsai and Yu-Hung Cheng and the design has also won number of awards including iF Product Design award & Red Dot Award: Design Concept award. We have strived to create a good design that stands for making a better life, moving from concept to production.”

“The naming of mininch is derived from “mini-inch”, which simply indicates our design mindset and goal, making all products perfectly exquisite & sophisticated in every inch, and every detail. Furthermore, a single “i” in the middle also represents the spirit of innovation, improvement, and intelligence!”

What Makes The Tool Pen Different

mininch believes that outstanding design is not only thing, presenting a user-friendly interface, and improving customers’ perception of life is equally important. “We intend to design something that really helps solve existing problems or create the real benefits for users, instead of the gimmicky items. And it should be the high-grade product that we love & use ourselves.”

Take Tool Pen for example, this is the world’s first “Pop-A-Point” pen style solution, it’s the most innovative, handsome, and convenient-to-carry multi-tool. People had never seen such a special product, that’s why it was well received since its launch.

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