Power, Protect and Connect

We live in a very mobile world and depend on our various gadgets to help streamline our schedules. Keeping them all powered up throughout the day can be a challenge, and this is why we need innovations like the AMPL SmartBackpack. If I have to take a leaf out of my working day, I rely on my laptop, tablet and phone to function efficiently. Moreover, I’m a strong believer of Good Design … and now … so are you! Yes, this bag is for us!

When I asked the folks behind the AMPL SmartBackpack what’s unique about the design, they said that the bag was designed from the inside-out starting with the smart–charging electronics and then wrapping an attractive bag around them. Very clever indeed!

“The AMPL SmartBag is much more than just a battery-in-a-pocket, with support for up to 3 expansion batteries all working in unison, an app to monitor and control charging inside the bag and added protection for all your gear.”

Sounds Good!

In essence you can intelligently recharge all your gadgets on-the-go, keep them safe from everyday abuse and keep an eye on the charging status via the mobile app without opening a zipper! You can charge phones, tablets, and other gadgets through the 6 built-in USB outlets accessible inside every pocket. And you can even charge laptops too, with the optional LaptopBoost SmartBattery!


  • The charging system consists of of six USB connections, accessible inside each pocket of the bag and from the handy universal smartphone holster integrated into the shoulder strap.
  • The internal 18.5 watt-hour (Wh) battery can recharge a smartphone 2-3 times, and the bag has docking bays which support up to three optional modular SmartBatteries.
  • The expansion SmartBatteries come in two sizes: TabletBoost (which supplies another 18.5Whs and can charge a smartphone and tablet simultaneously) and LaptopBoost (which adds 55Whs and can charge most laptops directly or through the optional SmartInverter module with an AC outlet, sold separately).
  • You check battery levels and other vitals via the free mobile app or the OLED display on the front of the bag using capacitive touch-sensitive controls.
  • This spacious bag includes a hanging tablet pocket and adjustable laptop compartment with a unique design that allows access from the top or the side of the bag. And the lay-flat laptop compartments and trolly-handle passthrough make traveling with the bag a breeze.

Designer: AMPL LAB [ Buy it Here ]