Music Gets Metal

The Billet is a beautifully crafted music player that features aluminum as the hero. The concept uses micro-perforations and a hidden LED array that replaces the glass interface and display from behind. It looks sexy and very Apple – ish if you know what I mean.

Designer: Ted Renwick


  • Ana d'Plose says:

    “It looks sexy and very Apple”

    “It looks sexy and very Microsoft” you mean? With a Moderon (Metro) UI, never will be a Apple thing.

  • Sinh says:

    Agree… not very apple. Maybe more Samsung.

  • Knowthetruth says:

    Oh yes. It looks just very Microsoft-ish, or Nokia-ish, if you want. The design is completely the same as of Lumia 830/930, and the display is the same as of Xbox Music app for Windows Phone. No, there’s nothing Apple-ish at all.

  • فلزیاب says:

    wow its so nice

  • Tiago Santos says:

    Where can we buy it?

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