Too Many Cooks Make A Home

You would think that too many designers would end up making a huge mess of their project, however this enterprising bunch of students from Sejong University in South Korea, surprise us with their creativity. Called the GAZIGOGADA or The Carry Home Project, the concept addresses the needs of a budget traveler, especially students who like to participate in various events but don’t have funds to cover all expenses. They summarize the concept of “We don’t have a house. We bring our own house.”

Have a look at the brilliant video before exploring the project.

Designers: Bae Sukyoo, Choe Byeongmin, Gye Jin Jun, Kim Dong ha, Lee Halim, Sohn Sang ok, Sung Eun Cho, Lim Se-Jin, Choi Sujeong, Jungseo Kim, Moonyong Kim, Soojung Park, Lim Sungwoo, Aram Choi & Hwang Bora

[youtube: 600 451]