Reset with Zen Eggs

Gašper Premože’s ZenEgg project was hatched from the realization that the designer was spending too much time in front of the computer screen and not enough time giving his brain a break. The balancing wooden totem serves as a reminder to take plenty of “ME time” and encourages play, tactile stimulation and self reflection. This is, of course, entirely dependent on the user’s willingness and dedication. Nonetheless, it’s a fun and cool-looking desktop ornament that might just give you some peace of mind! Would it work for you? Vid after the jump!

Designer: Gašper Premože


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  • Jeremy_Fong says:

    [in response to the above comment]
    What?? :/

  • Advisorboard says:

    Sometimes a simple idea can change your life for the better. This is that simple idea. Wonderful to see such beautiful tangible products on Yanko. Really admire that.

  • Tacko says:

    LOVE IT! They look so calming too! What an amazing trend to set! Thumbs up, Gasper!

  • nope says:

    I think the guy who commented first needs Zen eggs the most. LOL!

  • zzzzz says:

    ^ hahaahaha!

  • Mass produce, awesome

  • Maybe incorporate hinges into the design? If the design can change shape, that would make it even more amazing to look at!

  • Donnie J says:

    What a bunch of crap. Some people are easy to entertain I suppose. Get a life people, your going mad!

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