Sleeed Track Seating

Sleeed is a horizontal nesting chair, which is inspired by the sled. The design ensures that the chairs slide easily and stack compactly with no need for lifting. The legs of the chair are fashioned like the edge of a sled, just for the functional effect. The chairs can maximize one’s floor space by stacking compactly. The chairs are sturdy and composed of polypropylene with glass fiber reinforcement, and can be produced in various colors. It is efficiently manufactured with a single injection molding process.

Designer: Choi Minsoo


  • Bepster says:

    Somebody is going to point it out so it might as well be me…

    Konstantin Grcic designed a aesthetically and practically superior version to this:

  • I like these fiberglass chairs,its easy to wipe clean and a space saver too.

  • remo says:

    It doesn’t stsck up with me…

  • yomama says:

    Sometimes you just have to let it slide…

  • Totally agree – sadly this version appears over designed and a bit clumsy looking. Grcic’s MYTO is more refined and surprisingly very comfortable…..

  • Logan says:

    Man, according to Niel and Bepster there’s already a stacking chair out there. Too bad the world can’t have two stacking chair designs in it. Then again if you read the description, this chair was designed to slide and nest with no need to lift where the Grcic chair clearly has to be lifted. It sure would be nice to read comments with constructive criticism instead of “something similar has been done before, give up now.”

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