Sexy In Leather

From all the choices of materials available to craft a phone from, leather would be my least expected choice! Aluminum, steel, plastic, rubber, silicone, glass … this conceptual Leather Phone takes the cake. I love it and can only imagine how all the hardware will be fitted into the cover. All we know is that it is designed to be extremely durable and flexible.

Designer: Phone Designer [ Jonas Dähnert ]


  • Jorge says:

    Wait. Is this the same chap who designed the swivelling camera phone?
    This looks super cool! The renders are fabulous!
    But I wonder how this will be manufactured.

  • Sven says:

    Hi. I am Sven from Munich. I have seen lots of concepts like this. But this looks most realistic. Problem is going to be with internal components. Device wont bend like natural fabric. And it might not be so thin also.

  • Javed Abdullah says:

    If this exists you will have to hold the camera part upright each time because it will bend due to fabric weight. Also, i am working with smart devices. No one has developed protective glass that is so flexible like this. Screen might get damaged.
    But this design will make a very nice bedside multimedia device or ebook reader.

  • Sarang Sheth says:

    That’s actually a really cool insight, Javed. This device could make a really nice Kindle-esque tablet, instead of being a hardcore smart-tablet competitor.
    Jorge, yes, it is the same chap. I guess he specializes in conceptual phones.

  • Nika says:

    This could be a wonderful device for the army.!

  • Stavros, you should check out the link. It is a kickstarter project. You could fund and buy them also.!

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