A Clean Swim

Public swimming pools can get messy and dirty during the summer months and maintaining them is quite a task. Typically water filtration is done best when the pool is empty, however concepts like this Water Filtration are intriguing and helpful. Individual capsules of filtration systems line the pool ropes and help clean the water constantly. Yes, you can swim with peace without having to worry about how many kids have pee-ed in the pool!

Designers: Eun-ji Jeong and Tae-young Choi


  • wow , It is so great , In my point of view it is really useful for pools 🙂

  • تفاوت says:

    It is perfect

  • Paula says:

    we need this! especially during the summers when every kid in town hits the waters!

  • Christian says:

    I love it! lets get it installed in swimming pools everywhere! we need this!

  • orvin says:

    this is something we definitely need. I hope it works though and is really powerful!

  • winners says:

    this is so nice. I need to convince the pool authorities in my area to install something like this.

  • TIMTIM says:

    What was the purpose of this exercise? Just as a final project for a grahics course, right? There are lots of private colleges that want that free federally guaranteed student loan money. This is a pretty good picture for the graphics. A lot of the projects on this site have clear plastic or water to show off their ability to show reflection and refraction.
    It can’t be a design project, because there are no threads for screw in parts or any other fastener.
    It can’t be traditional science, because the artist did not even work out how submerged it would be in the water.
    It is not an engineering project because there is not mechanism for the “propeller.”
    And ask a single person who has ever had to pull those lane dividers from a pool. They are heavy and clumsy when there is nothing on them but floats.
    People who offer support must be other students at the same or similar colleges who have entered into a kind of mutual admiration society to increast their grade.
    I think they call themselves the “!” club.

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