Cats Love Modern Design Too

My friend has a cat. The cat has a scratching post. It looks like a stick wrapped in twine. The cat uses it but my friend keeps it tucked away in the corner of his living room because it’s fugly. Nobody got time for that. That’s why I’m excited to see our pal James Owen has put his Leo cat scratching post up on Kickstarter!

Constructed of a wood scratching column with a polished 11” diameter aluminum base. The smooth and sculptural form is timeless. It is designed to fit into a modern residential space and be complimentary to the home environment when not in use. The wood grain is pliable enough for a cat’s claw-sharpening activities but sturdy enough to keep it’s overall shape. The contrasting pattern and direction of the grain help to disguise kitty’s claw marks allowing for years of use.

Support this project people. CAT LOVERS REJOICE!

Designer: James Owen, Kickstarter