This face shield worn like glasses is designed to keep you fashionably safe

Between the start and the end of this article, you will have touched your face an estimated 3-4 times. Whether it’s to scratch your nose, stroke your chin, or adjust your spectacles, humans are wired to touch their face and it’s just a fundamentally difficult thing to weed that behavior out of our psychology. That’s why we HAVE face shields, to serve as real-world barriers that constantly remind us that it isn’t kosher to be constantly touching our faces when there’s a deadly virus among us.

Have you touched your face yet? I almost did… twice, and while that habit is a difficult one to break, the Blocc makes it easier to do so while being able to go about your day. Think of the Blocc as a helmet visor sans the helmet. Made from scratch-resistant fog-resistant clear polycarbonate, the Blocc is as easy (and as comfortable) as wearing a pair of specs. Two temple-stems suspend the Blocc by your ears while a nose-bridge allows the visor to rest comfortably against your nose, and roughly an inch away from your face. The Blocc’s material choice makes it practically perfect for a face shield. Made from the same polymer as actual helmet visors (even the ones found in riot gear use PolyCarbonate), the Blocc is perfectly clear, allowing you to see through it with ease, while its resilient physical property prevents it from getting any scratches or scuffs by accident. It sits like an invisible force-field around your face, acting as a constant reminder to not scratch your eye or dig your nose or do anything that would be deemed just plain unhygienic or nasty.

The Blocc’s curved profile follows the basic shape of your face. This makes sure that your entire face is covered from the front, all while allowing you to see clearly through your peripheral vision. The anti-fog coating on the Blocc ensures the face shield never gets misty with your breath, and the fact that it sits at a distance from your face means you can easily wear a face mask underneath… and spectacles too. The Blocc’s nose bridge is completely detachable, allowing you to wear it with spectacles on. An upper lip on the visor rests on your glasses, keeping it supported, and the temple stems sit on your ear along with your spectacles just the way 3D glasses would at the cinema. A secure and comfortable fit means you can even exercise with the Blocc just fine, and its curved profile allows it to work as a helmet’s curved visor would, deflecting wind from your eyes while you’re riding a bike or skateboarding.

The Blocc’s biggest win, however, is to perfectly strike a balance between safety and style. It ditches the clinical approach for something more voguish, that’ll actually have people asking you where you bought it from, rather than looking at you with awkward stares. It can be worn for hours without causing any strain or skin-pinching caused by elastic bands, and you can easily wear the Blocc multiple times… just wash it under soapy water and dry it with a soft towel before each use. The Blocc comes in medium and large sizes, and those foldable temple stems make it easy to fold up and carry around in a bag or backpack when you’re not around people. When you step out, just pop the face shield and rest assured that your eyes, nose, and mouth will remain safe behind the clear sheild, in its own, transparent, stylish bubble.

Designer: Henry Kwak

Click Here to Buy Now: $31.41 $59 (46% off with Coupon Code “YANKO”).

Blocc – Stylish Face Shield Made to Break Your Worst Habit

The Blocc face shield covers your eyes, nose and mouth. It works as a barrier when you subconsciously reach for these parts, and draws your attention whenever you fall into your habit.

Easy to Wear – Blocc is lightweight and designed to be worn like glasses, reducing the uneasy feeling of wearing a face shield.

Stylish yet Comfortable – The ergonomic and minimalist design makes Blocc face shield to wear wherever you go.

Compatible with Glasses & Face Masks – Blocc leaves sufficient space around the nose and mouth are for most face masks in the market. It is also designed for those with glasses; simply remove the nose-rest and wear it on top.

Practical – While covering the eyes, nose, and mouth, Blocc has been thoughtfully designed and is suitable for any indoor or outdoor activity.

More than a Face Shield – The aerodynamic contours of Blocc allows it to be used even as a wind deflector for cycling.

Blocc Details

Reusable – Simply wash it thoroughly with soap and water using your hands after use on a daily basis.

Durable – Made of clear polycarbonate – a durable material used for protective goggles.

Fog & Scratch Resistant – Blocc is coated with fog and scratch-resistant coatings to mitigate fogging and minor scratches on the shield’s surface.

Click Here to Buy Now: $31.41 $59 (46% off with Coupon Code “YANKO”).