Light and Day

The Bright Pole is an innovative lighting system aimed at the hawking community and street stalls. The flexible pole not only features safe lighting but also holds sockets for plugging in electronic devices. The pole eliminates unsafe lighting practices like naked wires etc. that can lead to short circuits and fire.

Designers: Tae Min Kim, Se Mi Kim and Hee Yeon Hwang


  • kevin says:

    Wow! Is this just a concept?

  • kim says:

    Interesting concept

  • ji-hye says:

    No exposed wires. So many accidents will be avoided. Very good idea.

  • coolgirl says:

    Sleek design that gives priority to safety. Amazing

  • jeff says:

    Is this just a concept or will it go into production?

  • Great concept, There can be many useful application of the product. We can imagine it in B2B / B2C both scenario. Use of focus and reflective substance can improve its efficiency. Would like to try it out. Chrres!

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