The Lego of Safety Helmets

Safety is paramount when it comes to construction yet the accessibility to safety equipment can be limited or intended for specific use cases – this can make it troublesome when using the same equipment for a different job. Safety helmets are the biggest culprit for this overlap. Albeit advances have been made in the safety helmet area, they still are on a very use-case scenario. The Unit Helmet by Jaehoon Jung addresses this problem directly with his clean, sophisticated modular design.

The Unit Helmet comes with an array of accessories that make reaching for another helmet a thing of the past. The Unit Helmet comes complete with a torch, ear muffs, sun visor and a face visor – facilitating the user when the need to use three accessories at any given time in a situation posing multiple risks. A use case would be – someone who’s in a poorly lit environment, underground and cutting metal – this would require a torch, an earmuff, and a face visor.

Jung’s Unit Helmet is adaptable due to it’s six easily accessible female magnetic parts on the exterior of the helmet – making it easy to snap on and snap off any accessories when deemed necessary. The Unit Helmet may comprise of 4 accessories but is not limited to these – the demand of the construction site can vary from job to job so with that, more accessories may become available.

Designer: Jaehoon Jung