SNEAK PEEK! 2010 Volvo S60

Rubbed my eyes twice to make sure it wasn’t a mirage. That really is a Volvo – just a concept (an S60 to be exact) but one the venerable automaker says demonstrates their future design DNA. Odd, I don’t really see anything ground breaking as far as concepts go. Its got the typical curves, fender flares and oversized tires synonymous with concepts. Still the fact that it’s a Volvo, and in comparison to the current S60, this is a huge change.

Some interesting tidbits about the S60. LED head and tail lamps, crystalline accents, sustainable materials (leather is soooo 2008), no B-pillar, and get this; a gear shifter that switches between automatic/manual by turning it 90º.  Of course it wouldn’t be a Volvo without safety innovations and this one has a boat load of ’em. It features Volvo’s Collision Warning Auto Brake system which is supposed to reduce pedestrian accidents. As the name suggests, if the car detects a person walking in front of it, all 4 brakes activate. The system will be one of the few concept technologies to make production into next year’s Volvos. They’ve also dramatically improved their Auto Cruise Control technology which almost drives itself. By calculating the distance and speed of the car in front, it can adapt right down to a full stop.

A sign of the times, this S60 has a small 4-cylinder engine galloping 179 ponies. Not exactly chump change but not a beast either. The smaller engine gives it 47 miles to the gallon while keeping emissions to a scant 120 g/km.

The 2010 Concept Volvo S60 is set to make its official debut at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Just for sh*ts and giggles, below is the current 2008 S60. One question, do you think this new design direction retains any of its Swedish roots? Some are saying it’s very much the American interpretation of Japanese auto design.

Designer: Volvo


  • M. Caemmerer says:

    i think its a beautiful car… but it lost the “volvo” looks! that isn’t to say i won’t want one when it comes out! its amazingly gorgeous, and the roof is PHENOMENAL! but it only seats 4? hmmm….and what if it’s to sunny?hmm?

    i dont think its finished yet but i think it’ll be amazing when it is!

    • Wesley Baker says:

      This is definately Volvo through and through its just Volvo is like a woman who’s suddenly reached her prime and relaised how to be sexy lol. The prominent shoulder line is the Volvo trademark and that is definately here just all curvy now.

      Apparently Volvo designed this concept after the production car. The production car will have a more tinted roof like the E-class. I was in a Peugoet 407 SW and it didn’t make a difference. It was so much nicer in the back cause it was so much brighter.

  • Will says:

    The main pic is the existing model right? I love the hard top convertable- understated stylish practical

  • icop says:

    I do not like thar Ford is influencing in the bad way to this brand, they are trying to put the fron of the focus on this car, no no no!!!

  • tom says:

    That car will set new standards for Volvo, which is fine. They did it with the 7 series, etc. when they departed from the 2 series. There is only a problem with seating 4, eventhough the rear seat is amazing, it just makes me jealous of the single guys/gals out there without kids to get to flaunt this car. Volvo’s safety is a big attraction for families and have always been a staple in the fam car community. I can’t wait to see the wagon version. I imagine the roof has some type of method for sun screening, of course, it must.
    I give it a 9.5/10 ! (wish I could get one)

  • Phil says:


  • Ncourager says:

    BTW, it’s ‘sneak peek’, not ‘sneak peak’.

    I have a Volvo wagon that I despise due to the fact that nearly every week, something falls off of it. It could be some piece of trim, interior ducting, or worse. Last month the whole front Fender fell off and was dragged home by my wife!

    Anyway, I insist that I was given the LE version, a.k.a. the ‘Leper Edition’, for everything that’s just fallen off. Hopefully Volvo will revamp its durability as well as its styling in this turn.

  • Armin says:

    Sadly the rear tires are a bit too small…

  • Keith says:

    I’m not a fan of the proportions. I personally would be fine if Ford jettisoned Volvo to become more streamlined as a company.

  • Fred says:

    What happened to the simplicity of Scandinavian design? This car is really ugly. With this turn in design this magnificent brand might just as well die. I dont care anymore. Seems like volvo got the same illness as Mercedes had…

  • Lee says:

    The interior is phenomenal, but I’m sure when it leaves “concept” phase it will be toned down tons. As far as the exterior design goes, I’ll definitely stick with my (2004) version of the S60 (which is essentially the same as the 2008 pictured). I guess the tail looks decent though. I can’t wait to see how they finalize this design. Maybe by 2010 I’ll be looking for a new one, mine is only at 175,000 miles. I’ve got time.

  • Eric says:

    It does kind of make me wonder why designers are so radical in their concepts if ‘everyone’ knows the final production will be completely different. Is it that companies ‘know’ the concepts cannot meet production abilities, or is it that the designers don’t know the production limitations? If it’s either or both of those, why? I love the design and hate volvo’s. I wish it would look like that…

    • Wesley Baker says:

      I’m just studying transport design athe moment but concepts are like fashion design. I think they like to rock the boat and see if the public will like what they see or not. Sometimes apparently a concept lik the Peugoet 206 CC will be shown so thatcompany can lay claim to the idea. Mercedes beat Peugoet to the metal foling roof with he production SLK but thats another reason.

  • hanz says:

    its nice…looks organic though, and kinda looks like just a concept car. most likely, when 2010 comes, a lot of its features will be scraped down to the much more simpler phase that we usually see. i mean, its really good and nice, but the style, especially the other parts of the interior is a bit too much of a “concept” car rather than publicly produced and sold. a lot of chrome finishings, the mag wheels looks a bit like Hotwheels too. lol

  • Ogom says:

    This car is SICK!!! to say the least.
    I’m gonna sit tight on my 99 S80 till this one hits the market.
    Saw previews from the Detroit Auto Show and if Volvo manages to keep the production version as close to the concept as possible, then I will most definitely be getting one of these.

  • this guy says:

    Two words, or in Audi’s case, one: Fastback. This has nothing on the A7 concept. Heh… this is a Ford anyway.

  • ww says:

    stocky line

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