Saved By the Net

Net Rescue Boat is a lifeboat dredge with a net. The purpose of this re-design stems from the difficulties rescuers face while on missions using a regular lifeboat. The net area makes it easier to bring people to safety and commence first aid. Yep, in playtime we can also think of many party uses for the net area … but that’s just a wicked side of us!

Designers: Jaehyo Lee & Wonkyung Jang


  • stephen russell says:

    Test off the CA HI CT VA NC SC FL FL Keys alone, Caribbean
    Esp now with So CA being hit by waves from hurricane due south alone
    Mass produce this

    Other features Id add
    Sunshade for crew, EMT etc.
    Radio unit
    movable net face IE sink underwater & scoop up victims
    Or widen bow Jaws for more.
    Medical care area??
    deck cabin space for rescuees & for medical care.

    & improved azipod engines for moving in shallow & deep water.

    Ideal for cruise lines to use at anchor.

    Like this

  • gamis syar'i says:

    useful design

  • سایتت خوب بو و من دوست دارمش

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