Lesson #5 – How To Save Water

While adjusting the temperature of the water, most of us waste a good bucket or two. To make sure we don’t do this kinda stupid wastage, the Eco-shower features an additional holding unit, that takes in the first rush of cold water and heat it up for you. It’s a neat idea and hopefully by the end of this year we should see a working prototype.

Designers: Yu Kwang Kang and Se Cheon Lee


  • stephen russell says:

    Huge market for in CA & So CA alone
    For hotels
    & homes alone

  • Yu Kwang Kang says:

    Hello~all friends.

    This is Yu Kwang Kang who design the Eco-shower.

    Before I say, I appreciate YANKO design to introduce this design.

    We have been progressing to make a prototype through the start-up supporting business from government since IDEA 2014.

    Maybe, the final prototype for manufacturing will be produced by this December. Furthermore, we are planning a trial service using the final prototype to anyone who wants it.

    So if you would like to experience the working prototype for free cost,
    CONTACT US ! ! !

    If you have any question, do not hesitate~!
    [email protected]

    Thank you for reading my message.


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