Control Freak Lamp

This clever lamp design, called Balance, forces the user to examine the depth of their virtual dependance on tech like their phone, computer, etc., in hopes that they will find a healthy balance. Now, how does an everyday object like a lamp do that? By simply requiring that the user relinquish their phone in order to operate! Like an action/reward psychological game, the user must plug their phone into the attached cable and place it in the tray to activate the lamp. Need light? Gotta put that phone down!

Designer: Weng Xinyu


  • Carol says:

    This is another case of a really nice design being ruined by a silly gimmick. Products do not need to be social commentary.

  • Jim says:

    Well for sure can products be social commentary, and you should appreciate such work with artistic perspectives. The meaning of such kind of works lies in awakening or making people aware, which in my point of view is higher than simply solving a physical problem.

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