Reinventing Oral Hygiene Through Design & Innovation

For our entire cultural history, we’ve been developing technologies to simplify our lives. It’s become the main driving force behind our species as a whole: no longer do we evolve to better suit our environment, we modify our environment to suit us. This is true of everything we use in our everyday lives. Take your toothbrush, for example. You probably take it for granted, you don’t even notice it anymore. If you have an electric toothbrush, you’re no longer even an active part of brushing your own teeth: you push a button and become a passenger.

The ISSA by FOREO changes all that, by combining an elegant form with unbeatable function, thanks to a unique understanding of what consumers want from a dental hygiene product, and a deep knowledge of the right technology needed to satisfy those consumers.

The ISSA is not a replacement for your toothbrush though. It’s an entire revolution; a product that throws out all convention and reinvents itself from the ground up.

So what makes ISSA different?

1. Materials

Silicone is an incredible material, widely used in medicine where hygiene and non-reactive sterile materials are necessary. The ISSA is silicone from the base to the tip of its bristles.

It’s hygienic and easy to clean, non-porous so it doesn’t absorb microbes, and non-abrasive – unlike normal nylon fiber toothbrushes.

2. New Form

The clever design doesn’t just look beautiful, it also makes it more durable. A conventional toothbrush needs to be changed every three months: ISSA will go a full year of daily use before it needs a head replacement. What’s more, it’s compact and lightweight enough to take on your travels.

3. Functionality

It doesn’t work like any toothbrush you’ve ever used. Instead of scrubbing and grinding plaque off your teeth, ISSA pulsates and vibrates, massaging the surface of your enamel instead of scratching it. This vibration lifts impurities off and stops them from being spread around the rest of your mouth.

And amazingly, a single charge will last 365 uses, enough for every day of the year.

The Limited Edition ISSA Luxe range features ISSA Gold with an 18-karat gold base and comes in Royal Purple, and the Limited Edition ISSA Platinum has a solid platinum base and comes in Black.

For a limited time only, you can be one of the first in the world to try the power of the ISSA. Go here to be a part of it.

Designer: FOREO [ Buy it Here ]