Your passion for photography comes with the added effort of matching your camera gear with an appropriate bag. I understand your position, as I too have to carry my gear when I report from exhibitions and live events for YD. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered the VENQUE Smart DSLR Pro Bag, a bag that super sexy and backed with a 10-year full replacement guarantee.

You read that right – and I quote – “If you have any problems with your bag in the next 10 years, we will replace one for you! No matter where you are on earth. Each bag comes with a unique ID number.”

Take my money right now mister! [ Buy it Here ]

In any case, I caught up with the designer duo to get more details on them and the bag, since their offer was just perfect for me! Simon and Viktor Cui, who currently live in Toronto, Canada and are brothers, founded the company. They were passionate about fashion and design from a very young age, and used to design small wallets when they were 6-7 years old and sold them their dad. Simons says, “We realized the lack of premium bags at the affordable price in the market and we decided to design our own bags gain.”

What led you to create it?

We wanted to create something beautiful, truly one of a kind, that doesn’t costs deadly, we wanted to make high quality bags that lasts for years to come, something that builds history and add characters throughout times, we also wanted something different and unique, not only the look but the materials and the details, using the best fabric and real leather. After two years of hard work, we finally came up with our Venque products. The journey wasn’t easy, we couldn’t find any fabrics that we liked, 70% of our competing brands uses nylon, 20% uses canvas, both are cost effective and great materials but too common in the market, we needed something different, as the result, we designed the quanta fabrics, the fabric not only looks better, it also feels gentle, but the most importantly, the quanta fabric is incredibility strong. It can survive in any conditions.

We invented this fabric and we are the only brand carries it. We will continue to develop unique fabrics that are suitable for travel, leisure, school, and business and ultimately to diversify the bag industry.

What makes your bags different from others?

We are launching our newest collection on Kickstarter today, after nights of designing and developing. The VENQUE DSLR Pro pack is a smart way to carry your camera, three ways of carrying, all convertible and adjustable and 10-years warranty.

We will provide a 10 years warranty to all of our backers for all of our collections this time, as we are confident that our bags will last more than 10 years, we added double stitching, strong zippers, and used our signature quanta fabrics there is no such bags in the market has our design, our price range, and our craftsmanship!

What are the key innovations here and the design process?

The key innovation here is how our camera bags are convertible into three ways of carrying. Typically camera bags looks similar, ours are retro and modern – all the pads are adjustable so you can remove, add and convert to any styles you like. If you take all the pads out, then the top and bottom compartments can be connected and converted into to a full backpack.

This bag can be used for any situations: full shooting day, leisure fun shooting day, or just a day without any gears. I like to shoot with my camera, but I didn’t see anything in the market that incorporates designs and functionality, 90% of the camera bags looks the same and the ones are different costs more than $300 dollars.

Other bags in this collection include the Milano Bag and Amsterdam Bag. Head over to their Project Page to know more about them or hit this link to get your own gear, NOW!