Editor’s Note – Tranism Episode 13

Meant to post this Monday but you know a cat gets busy. MEOWWW. That made no sense. So what? I’m the editor. I do what I want around here. I love you. It’s been cray here at the YD offices. I say offices because we’re located in LA, NYC, TOKYO, VANCOUVER, and MUMBAI. YASSS we international! New site coming soon. New developments in our CKIE store. Possibly a collaboration with a manufacturer to launch a contest. On top of all that, I went to a wedding. Hit the jump!

I went back up to my stomping grounds in San Francisco for a friend’s wedding. EVERYBODY is getting married now and I’m still single. I guess playing with futuristic products has its own perks. I’m sure marriage is wonderful but I’m not the marrying type. Fast forward to 5 years later and you see my sashaying down the aisle screaming “I got married y’all!” in episode 122. In the meantime, check out episode 13.

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