Keep On Running

The Wheel is a dynamic washing machine concept that works like a treadmill and uses human kinetic power. Combining health with purpose is a great combination and perhaps the biggest USP of this project. As a crossover between a gym bike and a washing machine, the setup is ideal to ensure that we stick to our exercise routine. In short – no running, no clean clothes – sort of!


  • The power generated from the spinning can be used to wash clothes and the unused power can be saved and used as electricity in the future.
  • The washing balls inside shorten the washing time and save the amount of water used in the process.
  • The saved energy can be used when there is no one around or the only person who can run the machine is a kid or an elder.
  • The normal plug in and flexible display system inside the wheel provides let’s the user to experience better riding experience.

The Wheel is a 2014 Electrolux Design Lab entry.

Designer: Si Hyeong Ryu


  • Nadim Inaty says:

    Nice concept…
    but where is this supposed to be placed?
    in the garden? because it looks too big to me for the inside .. no?

  • Anna Schulte says:


    Runner’s World magazine is mentioning “The Wheel” a treadmill powered washing machine from the Electrolux International student competition in our upcoming Intersection part of the magazine. This is where we discuss where running and current events collide. This will be for our September 2014 issue which will be out in August.

    We were hoping you might be able to help us with some photographs to run alongside this. I have found a couple drawings of the treadmill online and we were hoping to use them or something similar. Would you be able to send me drawings of this machine to feature in our September issue?

    We are on an extremely tight deadline so it would be great to hear from you today or tomorrow.

    Thanks so much,
    Anna Schulte
    Assistant Photo Editor
    Runner’s World Magazine
    [email protected]
    400 South Tenth St.
    Emmaus, PA 18098
    P: 610-967-7653

  • Hi Anna,

    Great to hear about your interest, we’ll be contacting you to your e-mail address.


    Electrolux Design Lab team.

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