Zip Up Tangles – The Reality Edition

Earbuds design is an epic fail! Why? Because every time you need to use them, you need to untangle them, what a hassle! But then comes along an innovation called Zipbuds®, the kind that sports an unexpected zip to the design – resulting in a creative solution. Their new Zipbuds JUICED 2.0 and Zipbuds PRO Mic are super sexy and functional and offer a permanent cure to the tangled-wires-syndrome. Hit the jump for details and how to get an amazing 20% off on your order.

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As Ellen DeGeneres – the Selfie Queen puts it; Zipbuds are the first headphones to have
tangle-resistant Zipper Cabling! Your essential morning routine of untangling the earphone cords is now replaced with a cool zipper action. The concept is pretty simple, earbuds worked into a zipper and accomplished seamlessly. Both sides of the functional zipper house the cables so they never get tangled. The key solution lies in the Kevlar braided nylon cabling (cable resistance) teamed with three different ear tip sizes.

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Zipbuds’ new JUICED 2.0 is a 4th Generation Zipbud sans a mic. Available in Black, Blue, Pink and Glow-in-the-Dark, the ComfortFit2 earbud shape is specially angled for a secure and comfortable fit that maintains optimal driver positioning. The patented Never Tangle Zipper Cabling ensures that you never have to worry about cable management, ever!

Zipbuds PRO mic features mic and remote, plus more powerful drivers! Thanks to Noise Canceling you can have a better immersive sound experience. Available in Matte Black and Electric Yellow, the earbuds come with three custom fitted ear tips – small, medium and large.

Designer: Zipbuds [ Buy it Here ]

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Use only at for 20% off your total order, includes free domestic shipping within the contiguous United States only, valid for (1) use per customer, not combinable with other offers, expires June 9th, 2014. Zipbuds reserves the right to remove this promotion at anytime. For international orders we suggest the official Zipbuds eBay store: this promotion is not valid on eBay store.