3D Camera Cube

The Moidoi is a camera for kids and is disguised as a play cube. It allows them to explore their world carefree and then reflect on it later. Essentially, the Moidoi has camera lenses placed on to the four sides of the cube and this allows children to capture three-dimensional images. The body of the camera (excluding the lenses and screens) is shock-resistant and made of smooth materials, making it safe for kids to play with.


  • Moidoi takes photos and videos.
  • In the ‘magical mode’ you can freely edit and change the images taken to stimulate the child’s creativity even more.
  • The user interface is inspired by the basic form of Lego blocks, which can be put together in an infinite number of ways.
  • Photos and videos could even be taken while it is being rolled along the ground.

Designer: Jinhwa Oh


  • Yemi says:

    How much is the Moidoi 3D childrens camera?

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