The Secret To A Mosquito-Free Outdoor Experience Lies In This Simple Palm-Sized Diffuser

Repelling mosquitoes shouldn’t involve pungent-smelling sprays, creams, and odd MacGyvered solutions. The VesperGuard from VIBIS creates a 30ft protective bubble around you with the simple flip of a switch.

Even though mosquitoes play an important role in maintaining an ecological balance, their bites aren’t something worth dealing with! Mosquito bites can be painful, and even a catalyst for disease. Up until now, the most common portable solution has been to apply a cream or a spray, although they can cause their own skin reactions… not to mention that it isn’t easy to get full-body coverage with them. That’s where the VesperGuard comes in. With its portable, lightweight, compact design, the VesperGuard is perfect for indoor or even outdoor use. Place it beside you, switch it on, and in mere minutes, it creates an invisible shield around you, whether you’re at the poolside, in a park, in a tent, or even indoors.

Designer: VIBIS Design

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16 hours of uninterrupted protection.

Think of the VesperGuard as a portable diffuser, but instead of aroma, it diffuses mosquito repellent, creating a protective sphere around itself. Keep it near you and it helps ward off mosquitoes without any strong odors or toxins, and without needing to apply anything on yourself. The VesperGuard works using a repellent mat, which slides into its top sort of like a Game Boy cartridge. Once installed, switch the device on and it instantly gets to work, diffusing repellent in a 360° bubble. It works continuously for as long as 16 hours, thanks to a built-in battery, and charges via USB-C, allowing you to juice it indoors with your phone charger, or outdoors with a power bank.

IP65 water resistance.

Measuring about the same as a soda can, the VesperGuard is perfect for carrying around with you wherever you go. It’s built to be sleek, easy to use, and is even IP65 water-resistant, ensuring that you stay safe from those critters even in the rain or at the poolside! Each VesperGuard comes with a 13,500mAh built-in battery that lasts for a solid 16 hours on a full charge, while the repellent mats give you 12 hours of protection before they need to be replaced. You can grab your own VesperGuard (with 30 mats included) for $64, or add a little extra to your pledge to get 90 repellent mats instead. Go tell those mosquitoes to ‘buzz off’!

Click Here to Buy Now: $64. Hurry, for a limited time only!