A Digital Typeface for the 21st Century

Times have changed… except for the very thing that tells us the time! Until now – the Script series is a collection of digital timepieces that breath new life into the digital clock display with a modern and fluid typeface. Script shares the same principle of the classic 7-segment display on your DVD player and oven, but reconfigures these segments to achieve a fresh, new look!

Script Clock has a large display framed by a simple case with soft pillowed reverse, creating a strikingly thin and elegant form. On the reverse their are three flush buttons to set the time and holes for hanging. Alternatively, it can be placed on a table using a removable stand stored in the battery compartment.

Script Alarm Clock has smaller proportions for the bedside and features a built-in alarm with touch-sensitive snooze/light.

Script Watch combines a stainless steel case with a simple leather strap, buckle and crown to create a digital watch with the characteristics and qualities of an analogue timepiece. In place of the usual buttons, the time and date are set entirely with the crown.

Designer: DesignWright for Lexon