Throw Your Nasty Terry Towel Away. The K-25 Bath Towel is Odor-Free, Absorbent, and Quick Drying

I hate to break it to you, but it’s time we left terrycloth napkins and towels in history along with VCRs, film cameras, and corded telephones. The reason I’m listing those examples out is because in all those cases, we found something vastly better and made a concerted shift to it as a species. Similarly, I’m here to tell you that terry towels have met their evolutionary successor – waffle-weave cotton. Unlike terry napkins that slowly absorb and retain moisture, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and odor, waffle-woven cotton is both rapidly absorbent and quick-drying. This means a lower chance of that musty smell you get with regular towels. Moreover, the waffle-weave pioneers at K-25 also manage to make their towels naturally anti-bacterial and longer lasting.

Designers: K-25 & Maria Rykhlovska

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Perfected over the years through their wide range of products (their bathrobe remains a personal favorite), the folks behind the K-25 are back with an update to their classic Bath Towel. The K-25 Bath Towel is a large, absorbent, quick-drying, and odor-free towel that’s set to become the new bathroom standard. The waffle-weave fabric is soft on the skin, while absorbing water much faster than your regular ‘fuzzy’ towel. The giant waffle texture both dries as well as gently exfoliates your skin at the same time, before distributing the absorbed water back into the air in minutes, so you’re never left with a damp, smelly towel.

The K-25’s secret lies in a combination between the waffle-shaped pattern as well as the fabric itself. The square-shaped waffle pattern does a clever job of giving the towel much more surface area than it otherwise would – this allows for easier absorption as well as drying. The towel is also dramatically lighter than your average thick terry towels, and doesn’t have those millions of looped fibers that snag on objects, get torn, or unravel over the years.

The K-25 folks make their towels from OEKO-TEX 100-certified all-natural cotton that’s hypoallergenic and naturally bacteria-resistant. The towels are woven, dyed with non-toxic dyes, and then stone-washed to lock in the color as well as prevent shrinkage after you buy the towel. The K-25 bath towels come in 3 colors (with more on the way) and with four sizes to choose from – the smallest face towel, the slightly larger hand towel, the bath towel, and the large bath sheet. Go ahead and throw your terry towel away… more than 20,000 people around the world have already made their switch!

Click Here to Buy Now: $24 $50 (52% off). Hurry, only 61/100 left!