Ahh, Dang The Traffic!

I’ve seen a clock similar to the Swing Baton telling the time, however I find the application to managing the traffic system quite fascinating. Predictably, the baton is used to guide the traffic and avoid congestion. What is perky about it is the creative way the colorful signals are displayed.

Designers: Chih Wei Lai & Chi Wang


  • vedat says:

    good point !

  • Wouldn’t the text get all glitchy if the baton was waved at the wrong speed? And wouldn’t waving it get tiring after a while?

  • Al says:

    Do you know how fast you need to move the baton to show the words? This is the dumbest application ever…

    There is a reason why hand signals are used instead. It is the most universal instruction where every road users can understand.

    Colours yes, words with that waving, a big no.

    Sorry for my choice of words.

  • Carlos Neves says:

    because holding a normal sign is overrated.

    do we have to invent stuff for every useless thing?

  • Collin says:

    we can put Gyroscope in it,
    but i don’t think the roaking is good

  • MJK says:

    Red for stop Green for go (not fast), that’s good enough for me. Its an international meaning that doesn’t have to be translated. Lets keep it simple 🙂

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