If it’s on your phone, it’s on your wrist.

I remember being a kid and watching the original Power Rangers talk into their wrist watch to communicate and do all sorts of cool stuff. That was 20 years ago, making me kinda old and whoever thought of that really smart, because 2014 is the dawn of the smartwatch! Jumping on the smartwatch wagon is the Braun S concept- it packs power in the form of notifications, fitness monitoring, calling assist, messaging, music and more. It syncs wirelessly with your smartphone to give you instant access with a simplified, user-friendly homescreen that you can even control with voice commands! 

Designer: Robrecht Vanhauwere


  • KKD says:

    So you’ve just drawn up the Moto 360? cool.

  • Jimmy C says:

    A solid concept. Seeing the USB charger hanging out like that makes me nervous though, and as we all saw from the Galaxy Gear, people will want to replace the strap.

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