Another Adapter For The Blind!

Yes, its yet another socket fixture, but there is a lot of innovative factors in the Blind Adapter. The extension is designed to fit with existing electrical outlets and has an annular magnetic electrode so that the plug stays fixed onto the socket. Convenient Braille tags allow one to identify the appliance being plugged in, just to be double sure!

Blind Adapter is a 2014 iF Design Concept entry.

Designers: Ching-Tzu Tsai & Xien-An Chen


  • NZ says:

    If the inner and outer rings are positive/negative contacts, isn’t that a good way to get Flash Fried Blind Guy?

  • Al says:

    Well said NZ!

    If i am blind, i would have to feel for where the power points before i know where i should attach.

    And if i feel and accidentally (for sure i mean), I will be fried!


  • LA says:

    It could use induced current to aviod this problem.

  • Jeff says:

    The outer shape is just fixed on the other by magnetic force and electromagnetic induction is a good way to avoid blind guys getting an electric shock

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