Passive iPhone Amplifiers

Passive phone amplifiers reminds me of gramophone speakers from the past. The coming together of present day smartphone technology with old school charm of passive amplifiers is an intriguing mix. The Megatono line of passive iphone amplifiers from ECOtono changes this equation by bringing in contemporary colours and forms into their products. This vibrant set of passive speakers look much modern when compared to the rest of its kind that deliberately dons the old school look.

Made from ceramic for its superior vibration properties, Megatono can amplify sounds up-to 5 times louder. The form of the amplifiers is optimized for the best sound output. This set of Italian designed accessories can accommodate a wide variety of iphone generations and ipods. It can enrich your sound in style, without needing any WiFi Or Bluetooth. The sweet sound of Oldschool meeting contemporary chic.

Designer: ECOtono