These House of Marley speakers show us how audio products can be socially responsible!

House of Marley has always left us impressed with their range of innovative audio products. Not to mention they truly integrate sustainability into their design philosophy. And their sustainably crafted No Bounds collection is no exception. House of Marley and MINIMAL collaborated, crafting with precision and care this range of rugged outdoor speakers. Created using carefully sourced and recycled materials, the No Bounds range shows us how even audio products can be socially responsible. Marley REWIND™ fabric, REGRIND™ silicone, recycled aluminum, and organic cork were used to bring the speakers to life.

Designer: House of Marley

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Oh, and did we mention that each speaker is waterproof, dust-proof and buoyant, and has a carabiner attached to it. This is a family of speakers that is unafraid of the outdoors!

The collection comprises of the No Bounds, the No Bounds Sport, and the No Bounds XL.

No Bounds is the base model, circular in nature, and quite similar to a little disk or a UFO! With 10-hour battery life, it comes in an option of four colors, red, grey, blue and black.

The No Bounds Sport provides a 360 degrees surround sound experience, and features a long cylindrical form. Amped with 12-hour battery life, the Sport is even tougher than it looks.

Lastly is the No Bounds XL. Sporting a rectangular shape, it is the largest of all three speakers. It has a 16-hour battery life, and doubles up as a backup power bank, amped with USB output power.

All three speakers boast ruggedly good looks, and if you pop them in the water, they float! Sustainable, durable, rough and tough, these speakers are ideal for any situation or location.