The Safe Line

Statistics show that a number of accidents happen due to the difference of radius between inner wheels and the outer wheels, when a heavy-duty truck is turning. To help negotiate the turn, an infrared ray system with sensors, called the Safety Line, is installed on both sides of the truck. This line can detect the status of the turn and alerts pedestrians or other vehicles in the danger zone of the turn.

The sensors also alerts the truck driver and the people who are too close to the truck.

Designers: Jih-Yan Li, Min-Yi Lin & Kuan-Chih Wang


  • Alex J says:

    Surely a sufficiently stretchy piece of elastic/rubber would do the job just as well, at a fraction of the cost

  • Javier says:

    The air flow would create a vibration on this elastic/rubber piece that would cause more drag, noise and even damages!
    I find it a good idea but not well adapted to the real world: why this angle form that couldn’t match with every truck?

  • Manuel Represa says:

    I am interested to market this product in Spain SAFE LINE.
    [email protected]
    I welcome your news. Greetings.

  • stephen russell says:

    & for city buses & RVs alone & intercity buses, all can use for wide turns alone.
    worldwide demand for

  • vishal says:

    i think there is no physical connection between front and rear side of truck, the illustration in which a line of rubber is shown, is just for illustration purpose. This device is based on IR which don’t require any physical link for example a TV remote.

  • suspicious says:

    I really wonder where this kind of comment come from that you can find under nearly every blog entry or youtube video about a concept or a product. Probably a bot trying to skim contact or credit card information…

  • JL says:

    A simple but genius solution – pls launch quickly!!!

  • devraj says:

    Elastic rubber or any physical object will be a threat to the surrounding objects/people. It will hit objects at turns. I suggest a laser grid projected onto the danger area on the road. simple, cheap, safe, visible

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