The Great Observer

Extreme Sports are exciting and equally exciting is capturing those precise moments of adrenalin pumping excitement. Observer is a camera this is a remotely controlled multicopter robot. It hovers around its subject, shooting video and photos from a safe distance, while the extreme sport activities are enjoyed.

  • Observer is a camera equipped with a multicopter robot, which can be programmed to follow the uses – photographing the user in action while keeping a particular distance away.
  • When the camera starts shooting, it emerges from the base of Observer’s central body component, adjusting its angle to keep its target in frame.
  • Observer hovers around the user, shooting the action and the surroundings in photo and video format.
  • The user controls Observer with a specially designed wristwatch-style touch pad. With two fingers, the user can control the movement of Observer in every direction. With one finger, the user can control its up-and-down movement.
  • After use, Observer can be folded and placed in a storage bag.

Designers: Jinho Kwon, Minhyun Choi, Seunghun Shin & Hyeonwoog Yoon


  • tom says:

    Why you think touchpad is better than other kind of control ??? because you copy something just existing, like a certain parrot for example, with a “touchpad” called smartphone …

  • Stuart says:

    I would buy one. Would like a remote controller better with a phone app like phantom. Pretty awesome for boating, fishing hunting, and other sports of course. Maybe make watch optional?

  • Eric says:

    Enormous machine for this kind of a task. I Think the tech behind this is suitable to be fitted inside a much smaller chasing.

  • DParks says:

    sounds interesting, but will also need sensors to keep from flying into other objects while it focuses on you..

  • Mario says:

    How Long can it fly? Usually a sub 1000€ drone with gimble cam can muster up to 30 min flight time before it needs to recharge.

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