Getting It Clean Alright

The Rolling Static-cleaner is silent cordless cleaner with a ball tip that traps fur and dust. It basically uses electromagnetic force to attract the dust particles and fur that is shed by your pets. We all know the merits of a clean home: lesser allergies and sickness; thus the use of a technology that ensures this, is very relevant. I love the wand design of the machine. Kinda makes it futuristic.

  • Rolling Static-cleaner uses electromagnets within the ball and the body of the cleaner to separate the two parts.
  • The ball attracts fur and dust.
  • As the ball is rolled across the floor, the fur and dust gathers inside the wand in a holding area.
  • It is silent, comfortable to use, and easy to empty.

Designers: Lee Hyelynn, Seok Juwon, Sin Junho & Yoon Jisu