If Only Costner Made WaterWall…

… the result would have been a new ecological water heater for the bathroom! Apparently this wall integrated water storage has a coating on the glass surfaces to help absorb solar energy. This of course means that the water sandwiched between the glass panes will also get heated. Moreover the translucent glass allows natural sunlight to stream into the bathroom. So nice!

Designers: Shi Qiang & Liu Zhong Liang for TOOUT Industrial Design Co. Ltd.


  • John says:

    How are you proposing to keep the window clean over a few years usage on the inside from either algae growth or where you have the air gap, from drying water soluble deposits such as calcium which over time will leave white marks?

  • Very nice when it is freezing outside. The water will expand and crack the glass.

    Or are you going to heat it with other sources when that happens?

    It is not very efficient: with this huge surface area, you’ll lose way to much heat to the environment…

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