One Hand Snap

The OHS or One Hand Snap is a design allows you to click pictures with a SLR camera, using one hand only. Basically it is intended for those with only one upper limb, but I can see it being used in many situations. Typically using an SLR Camera efficiently requires the usage of both the hands. One is for setting the shutter speed, aperture value and releasing the shutter, the other is for focusing and zooming. OHS makes the single-hand operation a breeze!

  • Typical SLR camera has a fixed shutter button on camera body and a removable lens with focus ring (a zoom lens with a zoom ring as well). They cannot be reached by one hand at one time.
  • Using OHS, the user can snap with professional SLR camera by one hand.
  • OHS is not only a movable shutter release cord but also a component, which can be fixed on lens when needed.
  • A shutter release cord with silicone can fit for different diameter lens and also can be turned to different sides to fit for left or right hand.
  • This means you can move the shutter button to anywhere you can reach when using SLR camera with one hand.

One Hand Snap is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designer: Xing Dawei (Dave Xing)