The Safety Razor, Redesigned

Machined from aircraft grade materials, Standard Razors are geometrically crafted for a smooth, ultra-close shave. Utilizing the tried-and-true, widely available, and inexpensive double-edged blade, they provide a classic shaving experience, taken to the next level.

Designer: Standard Razors


  • Timothy says:

    While these look cool, I am a bit skeptical of actually using one. I currently use a Vintage (1964) Gillette Razor. It has several features these don’t appear to have. One is that mine is made of stainless steel, these look like they might be made out of anodized Aluminum and will oxidize if scratched. Two, the handle is smooth (not textured) which might make it easy to turn in your wet soapy hand. Three, while mine has a 9 adjustable positions for shaving closeness, these seem to be set at one position. I like the Idea, and the unit looks nice, but I think my older one might shave better. IMHO

  • muel says:

    Ever tried to scratch hard anodized aluminium? You would need something harder than Aluminium Oxide. Meaning something harder than standard sandpaper.
    Apart form that I have never seen a razor that looks like this. Anyway everybody uses electric shavers nowadays. But also the manual razors I have seen in stores look totally different.

    • Peter Davis says:

      Muel, you are a fucking idiot. Not ‘everyone’ is using an electric. While you fondle yourself and touch your electric razor, men are getting their straight razors and double edge razors ready for another DFS or even for masters, BBS.

      Furthermore, the manual razors you see in stores are called cartridge razors. REAL razors have to be looked for. Try looking them up online before more ludicrous idiocy escapes from your face gash. Better yet, just keep quiet. When you speak, you lower the intelligence of everyone around you. Fucking moron.

  • DaleC says:

    Timothy, no Gillettes are not stainless steel, there plated brass. Also Aircraft Aluminum is a lot more durable than plated brass.

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