Cultivate a Green Habit

There is no doubt that visual representation has a greater impact than some random numbers. So if I can see how much extra power my sub-standard air conditioner is consuming in comparison to a graded one, I’m more inclined to get it changed or restrict its usage. Likewise with other appliances and gadgets. Eco,Pulse is a great visual tool that educates you on your power consumptions and energy wastages. The goal is to help you reduce your carbon footprint and build energy efficient home. Something we should all consider, given our depleting resources.

Eco-pulse works by visualizing the electromagnetic fields as pulses on its display and thus allows the discovery of power usage that would otherwise remain hidden to consumers. It is intuitive as it amplifies the electronic pulse of appliances like a stethoscope. When appliances are in standby mode, Eco-pulse also enables the detection of vampire power that is being wasted. The pulse reading appears in different colors and amplitudes to indicate the level of power usage or wastage. The user can record the data by pressing on the capture button located on its right side. Upon capturing all the necessary power consumption data, the user can detach the strap and plug Eco-pulse into a computer to transfer the data into the Eco-pulse software. Here, the Eco-pulse system helps the user to pinpoint the main sources of power usage and wastage and thus allows him to take remedial action easily.

Designers: Lim Wan Xuan & Tang Xueling Jane