The eco-friendly Cleanyst lets you make your shampoos and shower-creams at home

Roughly 80% of the shampoo, shower gel, handwash, liquid detergent, dishwashing liquid you buy is just plain water. Imagine paying money to have 80% water and 20% chemicals shipped to you from various parts of the country. Sounds counterproductive, right? Cleanyst tries to hack that system. Practically a Nespresso-esque device for all your household liquids, Cleanyst lets you produce your own shampoos, detergents, handwashes, and conditioners at home. The necessary chemicals (usually combination of alkalis, foaming agents, disinfectants, and oils or glycerin) get shipped to you in a slim bag that you load into the Cleanyst, and the machine’s interface lets you choose what you want to concoct. Cleanyst comes with a reusable bottle that eliminates your need to buy new shampoo bottles or detergent jugs everytime, and the appliance mixes together your liquid right into the bottle, making it ready for you to use.

Cleanyst is a part of a recent movement to eliminate single-use plastics. Millions of cosmetic and self-care bottles are thrown into landfills after their contents are emptied out, and Cleanyst believes the solution is to bring the power of production into homes. It also aims at cutting the carbon footprint of shipping billions of bottles that contain more than two-thirds water.

Cleanyst’s modus operandi is simple. The device costs $99, and Cleanyst ships a variety of pre-mix sachets to the users. The user loads the sachet into the appliance, plugging Cleanyst’s bottle at the base, and loading the machine with your own tap water. Cleanyst’s simple UI guides users through the production process and voila, in a matter of minutes, the bottle is filled with the liquid cleaner of your choice. Cleanyst even lets you add essential oils to the mixture to create special blends, so you can easily make yourself a lemon-scented dish cleaner, or a lavender handwash. Cleanyst’s solvents are natural and plant-based, making them milder and easier on your skin, but just as effective on dirt and grime.

Referred to as the Sodastream of cleaning liquids, Cleanyst currently lets you produce personal-care items like shampoos, conditioners, hand soaps and body washes, and home-care solutions like dish soaps, detergents, fabric softeners, glass cleaners, and tub/tile cleaners. The device analyzes the solvent and heats the tap water to the right temperature, and the solution is prepared right in the bottle, as a propeller spins to mix the liquids together to form the end-product. The bottle, although made of plastic, can be reused multiple times, and Cleanyst even has a system in place for recycling those sachets it sells to you. At the end of the day, Cleanyst has you reassured that you’re not adding more plastic to the environment’s waste, and also gives you the added benefit of saving a good deal of money by brewing your own cleaning liquids at home!

Designer: Cleanyst