The Men’s Only Toothbrush

The goal for designing the Braun Concept Electric Toothbrush was to clearly define and create a toothbrush that is targeted at men. Unisex designs in toothbrushes often tend to appeal to only one gender, so the task at hand was to see if a design could be created that identifies only with one gender. A look at this concept and it is clear that it’s a sexy men’s-only electric toothbrush! Mission accomplished!

As Aleksandar puts it, “The design of the electric toothbrush is also well connected to its performance – aesthetically designed but also functionally in terms of the requirement to take care of your teeth in the best possible way.”

Designer: Aleksandar Andreevski


  • Hunter says:

    I fail to understand the differences between this product and every other electric toothbrush on the market.

  • Robert says:

    Interesting but what will be the cost?

  • Eric says:

    Nice job making a product that matches with the Braun product portfolio. As said the lack of innovation or the “wow” factor that would put me buying this thing is not present or well enough presented.

  • Josh says:

    Finally an electric toothbrush just for men! This design clearly evokes masculinity, strength, and battle! No longer will I have to suffer using “unisex” electric toothbrushes, with their weak, emotional, feminine construction. This is the best idea since Bic’s Cristal For Her Pen! Nice renderings, but maybe designers have a role to play in not reinforcing gender stereotypes?

  • Shannon says:

    Where can I buy this? How much money is it? How come there isn’t a noticeable buy here link? Is it not out for sale yet?

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