Shelter Awareness

The Life-Light is a unique directional system that includes inflatable balloons integrated on streetlights. During an emergency situation, the balloons inflate and guide people to the nearest shelter. It displays the most efficient route, thus speeding the navigation process.

  • Life-Light is automatically activated by the central service system when a disaster warning alert is activated.
  • The system inflates balloons around streetlight poles, which indicate evacuation information and allow people to take a precise and speedy route to a shelter.
  • It is installed on streetlights at intervals of fifty meters.
  • The light flashes on and off, and a sound alert is also incorporated.
  • The dual mode of communication allows the system to be understood by those with visual or hearing impairments.
  • The lack of complex language or lettering also allows foreigners to readily understand it.
  • The system’s battery is charged by the city’s electricity supply as well as by solar power, so even if the city’s power grid goes down, it can still function.
  • The system also uses smart technology; if a route is blocked by a collapsed building, for example, the system updates and leads people to the next closest shelter point.

Life-Light is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Lee Jae Yong & Kim Pill Yoon