Hairy Situation

Hairfall is a common problem across all generations and gender. It is kinda highlighted when we brush our hair or use a hair dryer. Unruly strands breakaway and gather in an embarrisong pile on the floor, and many a times we don’t find the time to clean the mess. With the Vacuum Dryer one can easily remedy the situation. One end of the nozzle works as a hair dryer and the other as a handy vacuum cleaner. Awesome!

Designer: Jeong Shin Yoon


  • philip st says:


  • yearimmm says:

    Nice. My friend’s work.
    I’m really proud of her.

  • Usei says:


    Where can i buy it?

    Usei x

  • J.K.Lee says:


    Where can i buy this vacuum hair dryer?

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  • Rosemarie says:

    I like the idea, of vacum and dry what stage are you when is it available to buy?

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