Love This Solar Bike!

Ele is a solar bicycle with solar panels on its wheels that rotate 30 degrees on both sides, to face toward sun. This is to absorb as much sun-power that it can. This hybrid bike can be charged via electricity and the sun. It works in 3 modes though, muscle power, Semi- electric: electricity helps the user to ride easier and faster. Lastly, The Electric: here it functions completely like an electrical bicycle.

Designer: Mojtaba Raeisi

[youtube: 600 451]


  • tinkly thinker of thinkly thinking =) says:

    wanna see when these come to the stores around the globe….. i would buy one

  • Alexander says:

    Great job! As an mechanical engineer, I think it is possible to build in a slightly modified form.

  • Starmall says:

    Er the solar panel is steady enough to support the bike support?

  • Satish says:

    The concept and design are truly innovative..would love to see the model on the roads

  • Elnaz says:

    woooooooooooow.this is perfect design.bravo MR.Raeisi

  • Michael C says:

    This is a pretty design, but the solar panels are too small to usefully charge the bike.
    The panels seem to be about 1sq ft each, and the max possible solar power is 750 watts/9sq ft, so these two panels together could generate a maximum of about 160 watts assuming 100% efficient solar panels on an ideal day. The reality is that 20% efficient is far more likely, so the max output is more like 32 watts. Even a feeble ebike has a 250watt motor, so 8 hours of Noonday Summer sun of charging would give you 1 hr of riding, assuming your batteries are 100% efficient. A more typical scenario on an actual day would be more like 10 minutes of riding.

    Also, unless you are a bike messenger. most bikes spend 90% of their time parked, so it would be better to make a bike with a much larger folding solar panel that could be unfurled when the bike is parked. Or even better, a bike parking spot that has a huge solar panel and you plug the bike in when you arrive. That would be cheaper and more efficient and you don’t have to carry the extra weight.

  • yakowljew says:

    when and where could you buy one of those?

  • “paper is patient”
    When will there appear a working prototype?

  • mojtaba raeisi says:

    Dear Michael
    Thank you for your explanation on “ele”.
    Yes, you are right about the limitation on the solar panels and energy. But recharging on this bike is not only while riding; the most important time of recharging is when the bike is parked! You park your bike 8 hours a day when you are at work! And at the morning when you are at home and the sun is shining.
    And about your idea “recharge in parking”
    That sound interesting, but I wonder about the possible area for each bike. Bicycle parkings are really full of bikes (mostly on crowded cities) and there is not sufficient roof to recharge all of them. However it can partly support the recharging. There are some designs about solar parking. But I think you should follow your idea. Maybe you have a better one.
    Thanks you again for you comment.

  • mojtaba raeisi says:

    Thanks every one for your helpful comments.
    I have read all of them and I will keep your comments in my mind for my future projects.

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  • Tim Bachman says:

    I would be curious to know how cross winds and general wind turbulence would affect balance and steering.

  • Gagnaire says:

    Do you tink to sale this bike in France (Europe)
    what is the price in US.

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