Move over, Cybertruck. This might be the most minimalist pickup we’ve ever seen…

Designed with a boxy format that would probably put Brubaker to shame, the Cargobox is designed to be an urban-specific vehicle wth a form factor that’s only concerned with functionality and nothing else. Since it operated within the city and aerodynamics are therefore not a major concern, the Cargobox takes on an almost Minecraft-inspired aesthetic with a literally boxy design that makes optimal use of available interior space. The Cargobox doesn’t cut corners… in fact, it pretty much embraces them!

Designer: Meelis Lillemets

“Due to Cargobox only operating up to urban speeds, this study explores the extreme possibilities of design with little considerations for aerodynamics and lots of considerations for simplicity, cost, practicality, modularity,” says Estonia-based designer, Meelis Lillemets.

The spacious trunk lets you perfectly store cargo in it.

A charging port on the front lets you fast-charge your Cargobox

The Cargobox quite literally looks like cargo on wheels, ditching decades of automotive design for something so simple it feels uncomfortable to look at. However, the Cybertruck evoked a similar feeling, so the Cargobox feels like the most natural progression in form.

It looks as straight lines, like the ones found in architecture, as the purest representation of form and space. Pixels are square, bricks are cuboidal, they’re the most efficient representation of building blocks, so there’s no reason why cars shouldn’t use them too. The Cargobox doesn’t have to worry about drag coefficient, speed, etc. It’s merely a vehicle that moves within urban spaces and sticks to speed limits… so why not just opt for spatial efficiency over exaggerated aerodynamic forms?

The Cargobox’s sharp lines may feel uncomfortable to the eye, but then again, its job isn’t to comfort us. Designed to serve as a cargo truck, the vehicle has a perfectly cuboidal form, resulting in a cuboidal storage bed at the back, and a spacious cabin for the driver to sit in. The entire vehicle operates on an electric skateboard, freeing up the top of the car for storage and for seating a driver and one passenger.