Dog Accessories Designed by Nendo

Heads or Tails is by far the best looking set of doggy accessories I’ve seen. A three-piece collection, consisting of a dog bed, dishes and toys. The artificial leather bed becomes a little hut when dogs burrow inside it, and a cushion when they lie on top. The ceramic dishes are reversible, with a shallow dish for food on one side and a deeper dish for water on the other, and the silicon rubber ‘bone’ can be reshaped into a ball by tucking in the two ends.

Okay, for serious. Dogs could care less what their “accessories” look like so this is obviously a play for indulgent and style-minded owners. Almost all dog accessories veer towards the cute so it’s nice to see something so outside the proverbial box. I’d buy it. I’d totally buy it whether or not my dog hates it because it looks so damn good. And that reversible bone/ball thing? BRILLS MAN! THAT’S JUST BRILLS!

Designer: Nendo for Pen Magazine