Unraveling The Grain Audio Story

You can’t fault Mitch Wenger and his team at Grain Audio for giving us one of the most compelling portable audio solutions in a long time. While stalwarts were fighting over adding unnecessary features like alarms and loud colors, Mitch and his team of passionate music and design enthusiasts started working on one of the most creative wireless audio solutions with the Packable Wireless System (PWS). Crafted from warm walnut wood and other essential elements, The Grain Audio products are a treat for the true music fan who appreciates audiophile sound quality.

The Packable Wireless System (PWS) is an empowering portable audio system for those who appreciate superior sound quality. With the core team compromising of audio engineers, an architect and music enthusiasts, its easy to see why the speaker is all about belting good sound quality with close attention paid to the smallest details. The striking design makes it very intuitive and easy to use.

This beautifully crafted, walnut wood-embraced sound machine creates a lasting bond between you and your music. If we look at it from the design aspect of things, then there is nothing cooler than using FSC certified wood for this speaker. Even the Bass Isolation system, which elevates the speaker so that it doesn’t move while playing, is a good addition. I have been using this metal-constructed speaker for a while now and my major complaint has been its vibrating crawl, inching it towards the edge of the table. As a solution for this problem, some folks offer a quick fix like a skid-proof mat, and this is a bad work-around.

Paying attention to details is on top-priority here; PWS’s design takes into account accidental falls and uses reinforced wood, saving itself from serious damages. Integration of the Grammy Winning Waves MaxxAudio® suite found in many famous mixing boards is another added advantage. In a nutshell, the role of a speaker is to play great sounding music and this is exactly what Grain Audio has focused upon. (Good Design is the added bonus!)

Specs for the PWS include: 7-inch-wide unit, a pair of 2-inch drivers, a custom designed racetrack shaped passive radiator, and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with 8-hours playtime.

Elemental Beauty: IEHP – In Ear Headphones.

The IEHP – In Ear Headphones are a creative mesh of aluminum bezel, wood and silicon. They way these elements have been molded, create an incredible fit and are so comfortable, that it will be difficult for you to remove them. In-ear headphones are a very personal experience and getting buds that are a perfect match, are tough. Another thing going for the IEHP is the proprietary driver that features a Neodymium magnet and a CCAW voice coil, creating awesome sound! Simple, elegant sound and form!

To round up this story, kudos to The Grain Audio Team! Stepping out of the KickStarter shoes and now moving on to bigger dreams, I will be out there to back your next project, while I still enjoy the sound of wood for now!