2013 A’ Design Award Winners – A Quick Glimpse

I am a big fan of designers that are proactive in putting themselves out there in the spotlight. It takes a good dose of courage to put your work in front of an esteemed jury comprising of more than 40 members! I am talking about the A’ Design Award, a platform that not only recognizes commendable works but also works with the designers to get them their deserved fame!

Here is a look at Ten Innovative Designs from this year’s A’ Design Award winners, that our YD team curated. View all winners here; view all categories here.

Meduse Pipes by Jakub Lanča

An elegant shisha pipe featuring organic lines that are inspired by underwater sea life!

Mabrada by May Khoury

A unique console crafted from painted wood with stone finish, showcasing an old authentic coffee grinder, which goes back to the ottoman period. Tickles the coffee addict in us!

Bucket 40 by Scarabeo Ceramiche Srl

Simple yet chic, we simply love this witty take on the bucket that is fashioned as a washbasin.

Arm Loader by Hoyoung Lee

‘ARM LOADER’ helps the driver’s seat to be stable and not waver, despite the rugged terrain.

Absolute Box Small House Post Disaster by Anna Rita Emili

This self-sufficient emergency structure is made of two structural steel frames enveloping a volume of plasterboard panels coated with high-resistance HDPE panels. Impromptu housing at its best!

Omni Clip Sustainable Shoe Holder by Young Joo Tak

The new shoe packaging “OMNI CLIP” is a revolutionary design that displays shoe products in an innovative style. The redesign is practical and environmentally friendly.

The Remains by Yau Kai So

Fashion pundits will love this inspirational design from the Chinese Relics and ceramics.

Haiku by Tess Simon

Who would have thought that four blades and a rotating machine could be so sexy! Haiku’s three-dimensional curvature offers a vast improvement in performance over flat blades.

Xifix2base Rocking-Chair-One by Juergen Josef Goetzmann

Love this rack-design based rocking chair that requireds minimum of physics and material – only one endless pipe!

Spotlight, Interior Luminaire by Rubén Saldaña Acle

Zen is a new and fully customizable spotlight, and is one of the smallest spotlights in the market.