The Great Wall Of Cooking

2D Smart Kitchen is a wall mounted kitchen concept that hosts interactive modules and appliances. This full set of kitchen appliances automatically prepares your meals and gives you ample space and time, whist cooking you the perfect meal. The entire wall is an interactive touch screen and showcases recipes and the ingredients.

  • All the doors of the machines are made from illuminated glass.
  • On the touch screen wall you can adjust colors and brightness levels to suit your mood.

2D Smart Kitchen is a 2013 Electrolux Design Lab semifinalist.

Designer: Ermi van Oers


  • SPandey says:

    Wall mounted kitchen concept is a great concept. If anyone have this type of kitchen then surely cooking will be a pleasure. Beautiful as well as comfortable. I love it.

  • stephen russell says:

    add this & other kitchen gadgets alone & test in homes, estates or condoes

    Or some hotel suites IE Las Vegas, Hawaii, Mexico, Wash DC, London, Paris, Mumbai India, Tokyo alone
    radical & awesome.
    Take to EPCOT Center, Orlando FL for PR & Food Channel & HGTV for worldwide audience.

  • Connor says:

    I’m confused, do the “doors” have parting lines with the walls? Do they with slide into the wall or do they fold out of the walls? Also, that is a very small refrigerator space.

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