Happy Halo Duck

The packaging for the Fluid Bottles used in the medical industry is exactly what it is expected to look like – sterile. Rightly so, but the thing is that its also the source of stress in children. By simply redesigning the bottle with a cute bubble encased duck, the Halo Duck Fluid Bottle is less intimidating. The bubble also prevent reverse flow, adding purpose to the design. Cute!

Designer: Jung Hyun Min


  • Jung Da Won says:

    I like this design, so i want to see it and take a picture. How can I contact Jung Hyun Min designer?

  • LasPh says:

    Woah, this is amazing! I assume that this is just a concept design, but it would be nice if this can be turned into reality.
    Also, you can make something like collectibles(duck, frog, cow, cat, etc.) so after use children can collect them and play with them.
    Keep up the good work!

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